The U.S Department of Defense's Tactical Combat Casualty Care course introduces evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield. We conduct courses under the auspices of its PHTLS program, the recognized world leader in prehospital trauma education. TCCC courses use the PHTLS Military textbook and are fully compliant with the Department of Defense's Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) guidelines.

The TCCC-MP (TCCC for Medical Personnel - 2 days) course is designated for combat EMS/Military personnel including medics, corpsmen, and pararescue personnel deploying in support of combat operations.

The TCCC-AC (TCCC for All Combatants - 1 day) course is designated for non-medical military personnel and includes first responder skills appropriate for soldiers, sailors, and airmen.


  • Intro to TCCC

  • Care Under Fire

  • Tactical Field Care #1 (TFC)

  • Tactical Field Care #2

  • Tactical Field Care #3

  • Tactical Evaluation Care

  • TCCC Scenarios

  • Direct from the Battlefield


  • Celox Gauze Module

  • Celox Gauze Live Tissue Training video w/disclaimer

  • Celox Gauze Moulage training video w/disclaimer

  • Celox Gauze Training

  • Hemostatic Dressing Skill Sheet

  • ChitoGauze Module

  • ChitoGauze Instructions

  • ChitoGauze training

  • ChitoGauze training video w/disclaimer

  • Hemostatic Dressing Skill Sheet

  • CRoC Module

  • CRoC Application

  • CRoC training video w/disclaimer



  • Combat Application Tourniquet Skill Sheet

  • Nasopharyngeal Airway Skill Sheet

  • Cric-Key Skill Sheet

  • Needle Decompression Skill Sheet

  • CRoC Skill Sheet

  • EZ-IO Module

  • Sternal EZ-IO

  • JETT Module

  • JETT training video w/disclaimer

  • JETT Skill Sheet VSJT Module

  • SJT Application

  • VVSAM Junctional Tourniquet training video w/disclaimer

  • VSJT Skill Sheet

  • SOFTT Module

  • SOFTT Application

  • SOFTT training video w/disclaimer

  • SOFTT Skill Sheet

  • Ruggedized Field IV Skill Sheet

  • Intraosseous Infusion (FAST 1) Skill Sheet

  • IV TXA Skill Sheet

  • IV Ketamine Skill Sheet