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DARKHORSE RANCH is proud to host, along with ORION RISK GROUP, efficiency proven trainings and an experience based offer. 

ORION NAUTICAL RISK SOLUTIONS is a Holding which provides superior quality security management.

The Group affiliates Companies are:

We pride ourselves ob being a young, dynamic and proactive Private Security Group.

Orion Risk Group only recruits the finest of Consultants from Specialist Military and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide. We believe that because of the high caliber of specialists we have across the world we are able to respond swiftly and effectively to clients' needs.

Orion Risk Group can provide Armed or Unarmed Advisors all around the globe.

Regarding the Maritime Security in High Risk Enviroments Orion Nautical has performed successfully since 2009 more than 800 transits always providing higly professional Vessel Protection Teams (VPT) for Commercial vessels and /or Private Yachts transiting the High Risk Area. All Vessel Protection teams operate under the Law of the Flag State and Masters Authority at all times and are bound by the Rules for the Use of Force.
We provide these teams with the latest equipment, training and management support in order to ensure to perform an effective security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our security teams will always conform to our stringent management and assurance policies with regards to training, licensing, procedures and planning.