Pistol ComSet is a weapon handling course focused on the individual use of a semiauto pistol.

The purpose of the course is to increase the students confidence with a pistol and to make solid fundamentals for those who are using it as a primary firearm in tactical environments.


  • Characteristics and maintenance of the pistol
  • Fundamentals of shooting the pistol
  • Gear selection and placement
  • Load, ready, press check, unload
  • Marksmanship and grouping practice
  • Emergency reloads
  • Drawing from the holster
  • Recoil management and sight tracking
  • Multiple targets
  • Tactical sequence and priority
  • Responding to malfunctions


  • Pistol Holster
  • Minimum three high capacity (15+ rds) Magazines or six low capacity (7-8 rds) Magazines
  • Magazine Holders
  • Belt
  • Ballistic Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Firearm Cleaning Kit
  • Rain Gear
  • Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions
  • Water bottle of other hydration system


  • 200 rds
  • 9mm (9x19) is the minimum service caliber for this course

Skill Prerequisites